1. Delivery of goods and guarantees


1.1. The seller delivers the goods with the help of third parties - postal couriers. Couriers have the right to contact the Buyer and check the exact time before the delivery of the goods, if necessary, but the Buyer will accept the delivery goods. If no other person accepting the goods is specified in the order, he must accept the buyer.


1.2. In cases where the Buyer is unable to accept the goods at the agreed time, he immediately informed by telephone by delivery of the goods to the courier and the Seller.


1.3. If the goods are delivered to the address and time agreed with the Buyer, but the Buyer is not found, the Buyer has no right to make claims to the Seller regarding the delivery of the goods.


1.4. Significance, nomenclature and quality of the goods The Buyer checks the moment of delivery of the goods. Upon acceptance of the goods, the Buyer must sign the delivery documents confirming that the goods have been delivered to him.


1.5. Visa comments on obvious defects of the goods must be made by the Buyer in writing when accepting the goods. The Buyer may submit claims regarding hidden defects of the goods in writing no later than within 7 (seven) days from the receipt of the goods.


1.6. The seller undertakes to deliver the goods to the address and terms specified in the order. If it turns out that the Seller is unable to deliver the goods on time, he immediately informed the Buyer.


1.7. When the Buyer pays for the goods, the "Seller" distributes the invoices to the Buyer electronically.


1.8. The Seller is released from liability for violation of the terms of delivery of goods, if this violation occurred due to the fault of the Buyer.


1.9. The seller declares that the goods meet the normal quality requirements for these goods. The characteristics of each item are given next to the description of the items in each item.



1.10. Preliminary delivery time: 1-3 working days. In cases when the delivery time of the goods is longer, the Seller warns the Buyer about the extended delivery time.